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About us

We came into existence out of passion and love for movement and music. We appear out of nowhere, we act out of surprise, we create unconventionally.

It is we, Art Guerrillas.




  • hiring dancers for music videos, events, concerts and performances
  • technical preparation of dancers

Music video

  • creation of unconventional stories and scripts for music videos
  • organization of work on the set and directing
  • cinematography and editing
  • Full Packet ­ complex creation of a full-scale video, from the very first idea to postproduction


  • preparation of choreography for parties and performances
  • creation of personalised routines for vocalists’ concerts and music videos

Personal Training

Courses for singers and performers.

  • stage movement courses
  • dance training
  • building an artist’s presence based on his/her stage image



Mejk – Na Parterze
Vice Versa – Chcę Cię Mieć
CZADOMAN – Hey Hey Bawmy Się
CamaSutra – Obojętna
Michałku – Daj się namówić
Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You
Andrzej Zaucha – Byłaś serca biciem
Zdzisława Sośnicka – Aleja Gwiazd
Maciej Cielecki choreo
Cielecki X Paciorek feat. Jerzy Mordarski – Musiq Soulchild “Forthenight” choreo
Voice of Poland
Polo TV
Fair Play Dance Camp

Art Guerrillas

"Partyzanci Sztuki" is a project established by two dancers- Łukasz Paciorek and Maciej Cielecki. Its aim is to create music videos and live performances that include combining image and body movement. In the age of regressive and usual basis technology we focus on the idea and its implementation.

Maciej Cielecki

Maciej Cielecki

Art Director See more
Łukasz Paciorek

Łukasz Paciorek

Executive Producer See more
Maciej Cielecki

Maciej Cielecki

Art Director

Dancer, choreographer and publicist by profession. As a young boy, Maciej watched music videos non-stop, forming his "pop" sensitivity. Along with his regular education, he studied playing keyboard instruments for eight years. When he discovered Michael Jackson’s work he fell in love with dance completely. Because of his passion, Maciej decided to get involved with the stage, create choreographies and music videos. Some of his other interests include history and politics as well as journalism. He wrote about dance to such magazines as “Trendy Magazyn” and “Men’s Health” and also wrote history articles.

Łukasz Paciorek

Łukasz Paciorek

Executive Producer

A man who is both blessed with an artistic soul and a methodical, mathematical mind. Łukasz has always been good at maths and that is why he chose environmental engineering as his major. Apart from that, he has been close to music from early age by playing piano and guitar. That's why he decided to work as an egineer as well as immersing himself in dance, improving artistic skills. Today Łukasz is able to successfully join these two seemingly contradictory worlds. He is equipped with spacial imagination needed for music video production as well as an abstract mind. He can also manage people on the set very well.
Additionally, Łukasz is passionate about physical exercises and healthy dieting, and he has achieved spectacular results in both fields.